Seung Woo Back, Real World #1, 2004/2008
The PRC is pleased offer additional resources on Kodachrome and color photography, including a timeline, links, and bibliography. The following sections represent research, websites, and books culled or released after the previous Godowsky Awards in 2005.

Please note, all information represents links and the artists' residence and work as interpreted by the PRC at the time of the awards.

2005 – 2009
2009 - June 22: Kodak announces the final manufacturing run of Kodachrome 64, the last remaining Kodachrome film. Lab development is available at Dwayne's Photo, Parsons, KS, through December 2010
2009 - May 7: On Edwin Land's 100th birthday, courts approve the final agreement for 20x24 Holdings LLC to acquire from the Polaroid Corporation the 20x24 Studio in New York City (including two 20x24 cameras) and Polaroid 20x24 film production assets
2008 - Adobe releases Adobe Photoshop CS4, the eleventh major release of its photo editing software.
2008 - December 18: Polaroid Corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2008 - October 1: The Impossible Project is launched in The Netherlands by a group of former Polaroid engineers and entrepreneur Florian Kaps. They aim to re-invent a new instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras, completion date goal: 2010.
2008 - February 8: Polaroid Corporation announces it will no longer manufacture its instant film.
2007 - Apple introduces the iPhone.
2007 - Polaroid Corporation announces it will no longer manufacture cameras for instant film.
2006 - Seiko Epson, established in 2004, acquires Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices Corp., whose name is changed to Epson Imaging Devices Corp
For an extensive timeline starting from the very beginnings of color photography in the 18th century until 2005, please click here.

This timeline was compiled by Jennifer Uhrhane in 2009, and adapted from the following sources: