The PRC is pleased offer additional resources on Kodachrome and color photography, including a timeline, links, and bibliography. The following sections represent research, websites, and books culled or released after the previous Godowsky Awards in 2005.

Please note, all information represents links and the artists' residence and work as interpreted by the PRC at the time of the awards.

Please note, all books, except when noted, are available in the PRC's Aaron Siskind Library

For an extensive bibliography of books published and acquired for the previous Godowsky Awards, please click here.

New Books on 2009 Winners and Honorable Mention
Aperture 192 (Fall 2008): issue featuring Claudia Angelmaier.
Campany, David. Real World: Seung Woo Back. Tokyo, Japan: Foil Gallery, 2007. ISBN: 4902943238
Egan, Natasha, and Rod Slemmons. MP3: Volume II: Curtis Mann, John Opera, Stacia Yeapanis. New York and Chicago: Aperture/Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, 2009. ISBN: 159711099X
Hochleitner, Martin, ed. Claudia Angelmaier: L'image et l'objet. Salzburg, Austria: Fotohof Edition, 2009. ISBN: 3902675195
Kahn, Nicholas, and Richard Selesnick, with Erez Lieberman and Sarah Falkner. Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick: City Of Salt. New York: Aperture, 2005. ISBN: 1931788774
Kahn, Nicholas, and Richard Selesnick. Eisbergfreistadt: A House of Cards. Morrisville: Kahn & Selesnick, 2006. No ISBN Number
Kahn, Nicholas, and Richard Selesnick with Erez Lieberman. The Apollo Prophecies. New York: Aperture, 2006. ISBN: 1597110205
Schmidt, Hans Werner, ed. Claudia Angelmaier: Color and Gray. Leipzig: E.A. Seemann Verlag, 2007. ISBN: 3865021724

New Books on Color and Contemporary Photography
Bauret, Gabriel. Color Photography. New York: Assouline, 2005. ISBN: 2843232635
Bright, Susan. Art Photography Now. New York: Aperture, 2006. ISBN: 1597110264
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