An Annotated List of Memorial Internet Sites Related to September 11

Try typing in 9-11 Memorial or 9-11 Photographs into Yahoo! or another search engine and hundreds of websites will pop up-offering everything from clip art to Webrings. The following list is a collection of selected internet sites, books, and exhibitions relating to September 11th and the idea of memorials. These sites accompany an exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial (March 11-April 28, 2002) at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University.

Memorial Videos
Many videos, ranging from amateur to professional, were produced on the web after 9-11, such as this one and a photo slide show set to John Lennon's Imagine. The later was so popular-garnering over 1 million hits-it was taken off the web due to bandwidth issues.
Digital Video Quilt: A Tribute is a project by multimedia professional to collect 30-second video messages from people on their reactions to 9-11. By clicking on one of the squares in the grid, you can hear a variety of reactions.

Memorial Quilts
Memorial Quilts-virtual and real-have a long history. features individual blocks that will be assembled into three (3) Memorial Quilts by Quilting Groups. When complete the quilts will tour and in turn be presented to 3 crash sites. Others include:;

Grass Roots Memorial Sites
Many websites are especially dedicated to memorializing those who perished in the attacks,;;;;

Several webpages are devoted to the four flights-American Airlines 11 and 77 and United 93 and 175- and especially to Flight 93, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania:;;

The Bruderhof Peace Barn is a project of the 5th-8th grade students of the Spring Valley School in Farmington, Pa. These students have converted an old barn into a memorial for the heroes of Flight 93. In addition they have handcrafted the memorial benches for each passenger and crew member at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville.

Media and Corporate Memorials
Operated by the Freedom Forum, the Newseum is a museum dedicated to all aspects of news and media. It features an exhibition, America Under Attack (September 11-January 27, 2002) and an online display of 70 front pages from all over the world.
Starting September 15th and ending December 31st, 2001, the New York Times ran "Portraits of Grief"-a double page spread featuring portraits and short essays on the lives of those lost. Over the course of three months, more than 1800 tributes were printed and reading this section became a ritual for many people. This online database is searchable by name, or date it ran. See also The Year in Pictures, 2001, divided into "Before and After" where Times director of photography Margaret O'Connor talks about choosing pictures to best reflect the events of 2001.
CNN's database, September 11: A Memorial, is a listing of all of those lost. It is searchable and sortable by city, location, occupation, age, and name.
Time online offers photo essays by photographers such as James Nachtwey and Anthony Suau.
Joe McNally's and Life Magazine's tribute to over 150 heroes of September 11. This exhibition of larger than life-size Polaroids will travel to 7 venues, including the Boston Public Library (January 30-February 14, 2002).
An adaptation of Kodak's original Photoquilt, sponsored by AOL, composed of snapshots, stories, and memories related to 9-11. You can navigate around the thousands of tiled photographs.
Cantor Fitzgerald's online memorial to its employees. Nearly 700 lives were lost from this 101-105th floor World Trade Center company.

Archival Web Memorials
A joint effort between the Museum of the City of New York and the National Museum of American history to provide a forum for museums collecting and exhibiting 9-11 artifacts.;
A collection of NPR stories on 9-11 that ran from September 11- October 8, 2001.
A collaboration between the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, and, this indexes sites related to the 9-11 attacks and their responses, including news coverage and personal accounts.
New York State Historical Records Advisory Board's "Documenting the Tragedy" - A page of links to various archival 9-11 projects.
A library of television coverage of 9-11 from all over the world.
Screen captures of over 200 websites from September 11 and September 12.
In the days and week after 9-11, the Listserv Museum-L served as an online forum for museum professionals grappling with issues of collecting artifacts and art and museums in the wake of the events. Search for 9-11 or look through the archives from this time.
The American Association of Museum's guide to helping artists and museums affected by the tragedy. Includes a listing of exhibitions.
New York Foundation for the Arts' weekly web magazine chronicles the various call for entries, exhibitions, ways to help artists surrounding 9-11.
"9/11 Archived News, Photos, Graphics, Images, Websites & Newspapers."
A website for those "interested in the enduring legacies of the many violent traumas of the 20th century." It is "dedicated to exploring issues of remembrance in different cultures, in order to better understand the contemporary significance of historical tragedy."
An excellent library-based site featuring an extensive list of resources on the September 11, 2001 attack from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. is a website where you can create virtual memorials to your loved ones. All New York Times obituaries are archived here.
National Coalition Against Censorship's extensive archive and links of "Nationwide Artistic Repossess to the September 11 Tragedy and its Aftermath."
"911-The September 11 Project: Cultural Intervention In Civic Society." Rhizome encourages discussion amongst artists, cultural institutions, and institutions. They held a town meeting in October 2001 to discuss the impact of these events. You'll find a transcript and links to other such projects.
Boston University, the PRC's host, lost 30 alumni, staff members, parents, and friends that day. A Wall of Remembrance was erected at BU's Marsh Plaza September 14th and it was later documented inch by inch. Other images include the resulting vigils, memorial gatherings, and peace processions.

Tactical Media: Virtual Casebook: 9:11 and After
An extensive archive of media and critical responses to 9-11 organized by NYU's Center for Media, Culture, and History.

Online Artistic Memorial Projects
Svend Lindbaek's project documenting over 180 people who attended the September 14th Union Square candlelight vigil and its accompanying memorial display "FAITH" provides an intriguing antidote for the images on the 9-11 missing posters. This website, along with photographs, is featured in the PRC exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial.
Photographs of the spontaneous memorials by Martha Cooper, a Manhattan-based photographer whose work has focused on various kinds of display, including graffiti art. She is involved with City Lore, a cross-diplomacy non-profit organization that chronicles and contributes to New York's rich cultural heritage. Several of Cooper's photographs are featured in the PRC exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial.
Photographer Dave Curry showcases a breathtaking glimpse of over 50 images of New York City memorials. Selections from this series are featured in the PRC exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial.
This collaborative website features work by 8 photographers investigating the use and display of the American flag after 9-11. The site, with work by Karl Baden, Leslie Ernst, Marion Faller, Margaret Morton, Melissa Shook, Sally Stein, Jim Stone, and Margaret Wagner, is featured in the PRC exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial.
New York New Visions: A Coalition for the Rebuilding of Lower Manhattan is a group of architects, planners, and design organizations interested in promoting a building philosophy and memorial plan for New York after 9-11. New York New Visions, Laura Kurgan of The Van Alen Institute (Projects in Public Architecture), and others produced the map Around Ground Zero: December 2001 featured in the PRC exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial.
Liz Linder captured literal signs of patriotism following 9-11. Visit her online flash series , God Bless America, at the above address. Selections from this series are featured in the PRC exhibition, 6 Months, A Memorial.
An elegant online documentary 9-11 project inviting photographs and words.
A self-proscribed street photographer working in color, Joel Meyerowitz has been documenting the World Trade Center for over 20 years, building an archive that has become a historical document and memorial.
Creative Time is a conglomeration of artists who present art where you least expert it. Two projects are Towers of Light, a public art proposal for two beams of light to shine from Ground Zero, and Time to Consider, a poster campaign of artist, graphic designers, and poets as they respond to 9-11. Starting March 11, 2002, the beams will shine every evening from dusk-11 pm until April 13, 2002.

Memorial Exhibitions
The following is a partial list of institutions and organizations that have presented or are presenting exhibitions on issues related to September 11th.
"Here is New York": A Democracy of Photographs. The legendary Prince Street democratic exhibition, "Here is New York," is traveling to other locations in New York City as well as Chicago, Daytona Beach, and Germany.
"September 11 Photo Project". A photography exhibition presented at a SoHo space that will likewise travel.
The International Center of Photography is holding a series of exhibitions and programs treating photography's role in our understanding of the events. A presentation of "Here is New York" is also available (February 12-June 1, 2002).
The New-York Historical Society is presenting several exhibitions, including "Missing: Streetscape of A City in Mourning" (March 12 through June 9, 2002), which features over 100 memorial images by photographer Martha Cooper. You can also read about the historic Magnum 9-11 photography exhibition at
New Museum of Contemporary Art hosted World Views: Open Studio Exhibition, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Artist-in-Residence Program at the World Trade Center, an exhibition (December 1-January 13, 2002) featured work by World Views artists, those who had studios in the World Trade Center.
Museum of Modern Art showcases Life of the City (February 28-May 21, 2002), a tri-part exhibition featuring images from MoMA's collection and invited images that speak to the spirit of New York. A digital kiosk presentation of "Here is New York" is also available.
The Museum of the City of New York is presenting several exhibitions, including a history of the World Trade Center, a Virtual Union Square memorial at, and selections from Joel Meyerowitz's archive of the World Trade Center, After September 11th: Images from Ground Zero.
The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University presents, 6 Months, A Memorial (March 11-April 28, 2002), photographically-based works made in response to, but not necessarily documents of, 9-11 memorials (defined in a broad sense) as well as the role of photography in our conception of the events.

Ways to Help
The UNITY FUND of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay was established to help Massachusetts families affected by September 11th.
"The Massachusetts 9/11 Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing efficient and compassionate assistance and relief to residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who were directly impacted by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001."
An extensive list of organizations and charities responding to 9-11 events.
The New York Foundation for the Art's website for New York Arts Recovery Fund-"a collaborative, comprehensive effort to address immediate, short-term, and long-term challenges specifically facing New York's artists and arts organizations most affected by the September 11 tragedy."

Memorials Magazines and Books from the PRC Library
9-11, Noam Chomsky. New York: Open Media/ Seven Stories, 2001.

A Tribute, Jay Meisal. New York: Barnes and Noble Books, 2001.

America, September 11: The Courage to Give: The Triumph of the Human Spirit, edited by Jackie Waldman, with Brenda Welchlin and Karen Frost. New York: MJF Books, 2001.

In the Line of Duty, Foreword by B. Kerik and Thomas von Essen. New York: Regan Books/ HarperCollins Publishers, 2001.

New York September 11, by Magnum Photographers. New York: powerHouse Books, 2001.

New York September Eleven Two Thousand One, a de.MO project, New York: de.Mo, 2001.

One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001, by the Editors of Life with an introduction by Mayor Rudoplh W. Giuliani. New York: Time Inc., 2001. September 11, 2001: A Collection of Newspaper Front Pages Selected by the Poynter Institute. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2001.

Sometime Lofty Towers: A Photographic Memorial of the World Trade Center, introduction by Robert Hutchinson, photographs by Jake Rajs, remarks by Governor George E. Pataki. San Francisco: Browntrout Publishers, 2001.

The World Trade Center Remembered, Paul Goldberger with photographs by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo. New York: Abbeville Press, 2001.

World Trade Center: Tribute and Remembrance, by Carol Highsmith. New York: Crescent Books/ Random House, 2001.

Magazines: American Photo, Artforum, Bostonia, Doubletake, and In the Loupe.