Steve Aishman (Cambridge, MA)

Boston After 9/11, Selections

  • John Jenkins, 22 Crescent St. Apt. 1, Cambridge, MA 02135, AA Flight 11
  • Flagship Warf, C-12 13th St., Charlestown, MA, Mohammed bin Laden owns 6 of the condos
  • Nabil Al-Marabh, 180 Boston St. 2nd floor, Dorchester, MA, 1984-2000, Apprehended 9/20/01
  • Raed Hijazi, drove for Boston Cab Co.
  • Fozia Karzai, sister of the interim prime minister of Afghanistan owns the Helmand
  • Reflecting Wall at MIT

A map for walking in Lower Manhattan after September 11

Ornit Barkai (Carlisle, MA)

  • A Moment of Silence


Albert B. L'toile

  • Document of Walsh Wall of Remembrance
  • Vigil and Wall of Remembrance

Kalman Zabarsky

  • Student Vigil at Wall of Remembrance, STUDENT AFFAIRS, Negative # 01-2924, C-20
  • Trees, Towers, and Tributes (Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial), CAMPUS, Negative # 01-3015, A-6
  • Prayer Vigil for Terrorist Victims, STUDENT ACTIVITIES, Negative # 01-2899, G-25

Sarah Zenewicz

  • Chaplain's Peace Procession at Marsh Plaza
  • UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS, Negative # 01-2980, B-30

Zana Briski (New York, NY)

Selections from New York City Firehouse Memorial Project

  • 145 West 100th Street, Manhattan, Engine 76, Tower Ladder 22, Battalion 11
  • 86-53 Grand Avenue, Queens, Engine 287, Ladder 136, Battalion 46
  • 25 Pitt Street, Tower Ladder 18, Battalion

Martha Cooper (Manhattan, NY)

  • Photo/Photos

David Curry (New York, NY)

Selections from In Memorium WTC, 2001: A Photographic Essay

  • WTC #17 Flowers
  • WTC #45 Flowers and Votives
  • WTC #49 Four Votives
  • WTC #50 Two Votive

Susan E. Evans (Syracuse, NY)

  • The Story
  • Little Pieces



Marcus Halevi (Somerville, MA)

"No Time to Say Goodbye" *

  • Memorial to the Pilots of United Flight 175, Boston City Hall Plaza, September 26, 2001
  • Memorial to the Missing Firemen: Union Square, New York, September 16, 2001
  • Pentagon Memorial: Washington, D.C., December 28, 2001
  • United Flight 93 Memorial: Shanksville, Pennsylvania, December 30, 2001

Liz Linder (Boston, MA)

  • Selections from "God Bless America: Reading the Signs"

Robin Masi (Concord, MA)

  • Afghanistan Refugees' A/dress

Margaret Morton (New York, NY)

  • Missing Posters (St. Vincent's Hospital)

Mathew Nash (Boston, MA)

  • I Watched it on TV: Media 9.11

Cheryl Sorg (Cambridge, MA)

  • The Missing Peace

Erica Uhlenbeck (New York, NY)

  • Untitled

Daniel P. Younger (Mt. Vernon, OH)

Selections from the series Civic Display on Main Street

  • Shop Window, Bellville, OH, December 2001
  • Barber Shop, Mt. Vernon, OH, November 2001
  • Leather Apparel Shop, Mt. Vernon, OH, November 2001
  • Picture Frame Shop, Mt. Vernon, OH, November 2001