6 Months, A Memorial

March 11-April 28, 2002
Curated by Leslie K. Brown
Open house: Monday, March 11th, 8 am-8pm
community events to be determined
Bakalar and Klebenov Galleries at the PRC
This exhibition is free to the public.

6 Months, A Memorial (March 11-April 28, 2002) is a presentation of photographically-based works made in response to, but not necessarily documents of, September 11 memorials (defined in a broad sense) as well as the role of photography in our conception of the events. From a national open call for submissions, we received almost 100 responses and selected over 25 artists displaying more than 60 works on this theme. The work ranges from beautiful color and black-and-white framed photographs of spontaneous memorials and vigils to A Moment of Silence, a one-minute video showing a close-up of a candle, to Flaggingspirits, a collective web-based project by photographers from all over the United States concerning the use and display of the American flag, to a recycled wedding dress adorned with newspaper images of Afghan people.

Artwork by:
Steve Aishman (Cambridge, MA)
Ornit Barkai (Carlisle, MA)
Zana Briski (New York, NY)
Martha Cooper (Manhattan, NY)
David Curry (New York, NY)
Susan E. Evans (Syracuse, NY)
Marcus Halevi (Somerville, MA)
Liz Linder (Boston, MA)
Robin Masi (Concord, MA)
Margaret Morton (New York, NY)
Matthew Nash (Boston, MA)
Cheryl Sorg (Cambridge, MA)
Erica Uhlenbeck (New York, NY)
Daniel P. Younger (Mt. Vernon, OH)
Albert L’Étoile (Boston, MA)
Kalman Zabarsky (Boston, MA)
Sarah Zenewicz (Boston, MA)

The website Flaggingspirits includes:
Karl Baden (Cambridge, MA)
Leslie Ernst (Austin, TX)
Marion Faller (Buffalo, NY)
Melissa Shook (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Sally Stein (Los Angeles, CA)
Jim Stone (Albuquerque, NM)
Margaret Wagner (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Margaret Morton (New York, NY)

Another website and project, FAITH, includes:
Svend Lindbaek (New York, NY)
Claus Bonnelycke
Nancy Opitz
Kevin Cole
LaDonna Myroth

A map developed as a project by New York New Visions: Coalition for the Rebuilding of Lower Manhattan’s Temporary Memorials Committee, Around Ground Zero: December 2001, includes:
Laura Kurgan (New York, NY)
Janette Kim
Bethia Liu
Donald Shillingburg
Margaret Morton