Melody Sweets, New York, NY, 2008, printed 2008, Pigmented Inkjet Print
on Harman Fiber Based Matte Paper

Trade edition of 35. There are 21 artist proofs. One artist proof is given to each of the artists,
one artist proof is given to each of the two printers and three artist proofs are retained by the PRC.

Henry Horenstein photograph

Born in New Bedford, MA in 1947, Henry Horenstein studied history at the University of Chicago, before turning to photography. Horenstein earned his BFA and MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1971 and 1973 respectively. Horenstein's over 30 books include monographs (Humans, Creatures, Aquatics, Canine, and Racing Days) and some of the most widely-used instructional texts in the field (Black and White Photography, Beyond Basic Photography, Photography, and Color Photography). Photographs from his book Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music 1972-1981 were exhibited at the PRC in 2004 as well as at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. His 2007/2008 solo show at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Looking at Animals, is traveling nationally, as is Honky Tonk. His most recent books include Close Relations (2007) and Animalia (2008). His photographs are in many major museums and collections internationally. A past PRC Board Member, Horenstein has lectured numerous times at the PRC and guest curated the show Sprawl in 2000. This photograph will be featured in a new book, Show, to be published in 2009. A professor at RISD, Horenstein is represented locally by Robert Klein Gallery. He lives in Boston, MA. www.horenstein.com