Fall Back, Spring Forward: Photography in New England

An exhibition for the Flash Forward Festival

Fall Back, Spring Forward: Photography in New England

Nadine Boughton, Breach, 2013,
from the series True Adventures in Better Homes

Courtesy of the Artist and Trident Gallery, Gloucester, MA.

Exhibition: April 29 - May 17, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 1, 6-9 p.m.

PRC Gallery
832 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

The PRC is honored to participate in Flash Forward 2014. Set within the Boston cityscape, Flash Forward is a four-day photography festival (May 1-4) that offers networking events and educational programming, such as panels and lectures by respected industry professionals, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and nightly events. For more information and a schedule, please click here.

A group exhibition, Fall Back, Spring Forward showcases the work of ten New England based photographers. Artists were selected by Francine Weiss, Curator of the PRC at Boston University.

With its rich artistic history and photographic traditions, numerous cultural and arts institutions, innovative educators, and flourishing community of artists and thinkers, New England has long been recognized as a hub for intellectual and artistic activity. New England photographers have bravely embraced new ideas and processes while also finding inspiration in the past. Focusing on artists who are beginning their careers, as well as those who are in the midst of them, Fall Back, Spring Forward features a diverse array of photographic work.

This exhibition brings together artists who are reinvigorating the medium by building on or engaging with the past while springing into the future. Their interests include long standing photographic and cinematic traditions, visual and popular culture, art history and iconography, reminiscence and memory.




Rick Ashley (Marblehead, MA)

Lindsey Beal (Providence, RI)

Nadine Boughton (Gloucester, MA)

Marcie Jan Bronstein (Belfast, ME)

Jesse Burke (Rumford, RI)

Amy Theiss Giese (Allston, MA)

Mary Kocol (Somerville, MA)

David Mattox (Allston, MA)

Cheryle St. Onge (Durham, NH and coastal ME)

Alicia Savage (Boston, MA)

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