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David Wolf
Nurturing Time, Life in a Backyard Garden

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David Wolf, Leaves and Clover, Chromogenic print, 2009/2012, Edition 2/3, Signed verso.

Artist Statement
In the series Nurturing Time, Life in A Backyard Garden I take on the dual roles of cultivator and collector, gardener and photographer, to explore how we shape and control Nature even as we nurture it. The choices confronting the gardener—what to grow, what to remove, what space to devote to which plants—are mirrored by the artist’s task to select, compose, and transform.

As collaborator with Nature my working method bridges the usually disparate practices of documentary and staged photography. Working with the near daily changes offered by the garden, I respond to what I find there at any given time by selecting, composing, and then photographing what I’ve collected. The resulting assemblages are a combination of happenstance and design.

The time of day and time of year create the context in which the many aspects of life’s cycle become visible. The assembled flower boxes resonate with a range of emotion, reflecting our own experience of vitality and decay, abundance, and loss. Memory—time’s shadow—is present here, too, as events and lives are evoked and memorialized by these images.

Artist Bio
David Wolf’s photographs explore worlds both seen and imagined. While he has photographed in many places, David most often works close to his home in the vibrant Mission District neighborhood of San Francisco. The passage of time is a continual source of inspiration for David’s work; he is especially drawn to making images that express how change becomes visible in the physical world.

Wolf’s photographs have been exhibited nationally at such venues as the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Griffin Museum of Photography, and the Photo Center Northwest. He exhibited a selection from his series, Nurturing Time, Life in a Backyard Garden, as an invited guest artist at the Lishui International Photography Festival in Lishui, China. An image from the series will be included in the second volume of Open to Interpretation, to be published later this year. David has been recently selected as an artist-in-residence at the RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco, where he is now pursuing his next body of work, The After Life of Things.

David’s work is included in a variety of museum, corporate, and private collections.