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Karin Rosenthal: Refraction and Reflection
Through February 7, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 5:30 p.m.
On display at MIT's Center for Theoretical Physics
Presented by the PRC in association with the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT

Shell with Hole, 2010.

Rosenthal's fascinating photographs reveal the pleasures of close
observation. Reflections and shadows of barely recognizable human forms mingle with physical objects and watery lenses within the spaces of sea shores. Speaking about her photographs she says: "Where I had photographed the body and its reflection before, I now only photograph its reflection. Increasingly, my images convey the fragility of life. We are permanent only
within nature's elements."

Please join Karin and the PRC to recognize her remarkable accomplishments and gather in the unique setting of the Center's offices.

The Center for Theoretical Physics is located in the Third Floor Art Space in MIT's Building 6, 77 Massachusetts Avenue.
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