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Featured Publications


Mike Mandel: The Good 70s
$150.00 | PRC Members $135.00

Released in 2015 by J&L Books & DAP, "Good 70s" is a boxed collection that contains facsimiles of Mandel's original publications, long out-of-print, including The Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards, Myself: Timed Exposures, Seven Never Before Seen Portraits of Edward Weston, plus previously unpublished work and ephemera from the projects, including selected facsimile contact sheets from the baseball photo shoots, Motel Postcards, People in Cars, Mrs. Kilpatric, a letter to Mandel from Charis Wilson regarding Edward Weston and a pack of ten of the original 1975 baseball cards.


Shelby Lee Adams: Salt & Truth
$64.00 | PRC Members $54.00

Shelby Lee Adams first encountered the communities of the Appalachian mountains as a child, while accompanying his doctor uncle on his rounds. In the mid-1970s he started to photograph in the region, using a 4 x 5 camera, gaining and building a special trust among its often impoverished people, who have tended to not always welcome would-be documentarians. Adams not only records their lives and hardships with great empathy, but also depicts the grace and humanity of his subjects, photographing with an ease evident in the results.



Kristen Ashburn: I Am Because We Are >>
$43.00 | PRC Members $34.00

I Am Because We Are is the companion volume to the acclaimed forthcoming documentary by Nathan Rissman and Madonna. This book of images by award-winning photojournalist Kristen Ashburn provides an intimate look at the lives of eight children featured in the film and reveals the harsh reality of the AIDS pandemic throughout southern Africa.

bazan campo   Ernesto Bazan: Al Campo
$101.00 | PRC Members $86.00

Ernesto Bazan’s second book about Cuba features images taken in the last five years of hi stay there. The book is about the very hard, simple and yet beautiful way of life in the countryside. The pictures tell the story of his farmer friends going about their daily existence: sowing the land, harvesting crops, raising their families, raising animals, killing and eating them for survival.

bazan cuba   Ernesto Bazan: Bazan Cuba (Spanish)
$90.00 | PRC Members $77.00

The book masterfully conveys both a reportage-type approach in which ernest Bazan tries to capture the quintessence of daily living, photographing total strangers met for a few seconds on the streets, and a more intimate and personal approach in which he portrays various moments in the life of my his family as well as the lives of his beloved farmer friends with whom he shared long periods of time in the Cuban countryside.

book_dudik   Elliot Dudik: Road Ends in Water (signed) >>
$32.00 | PRC Members $27.00

The main highway, U.S. Route 17, that bisects South Carolina's 'lowcountry,' is being widened to accommodate commerce, tourists, and urban refugees. Not only are many homes, some historic, disappearing before the tracked blades of expansion, but also the newer, faster thoroughfare encourages greater disregard and obliviousness to the charm and culture the basin harbors.

book_ferry   Stephen Ferry: Virentology a Manual of the Colombian Conflict
$53.00 | PRC Members $45.00

Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict documents Colombia’s continuing internal conflict, a complex and tragic war that is barely understood outside of the country. This photographic work focuses on human rights and on the struggle of Colombian civilians to resist the violence, often at great risk to their own lives.


Henry Horenstein: Honky Tonk

Forty years after Henry Horenstein began documenting the country music scene in and around Nashville, his deep love for the music and its people continues. Having spent a lifetime around performers and fans, he has been granted access to both the high-glamour backstage of the Grand Ole Opry in its heyday of the 1970s and the rough-and-tumble dive bars that carry on the tradition today. Horenstein captures the irrepressible spirit of an American institution as it has evolved over the years. Originally published in paperback form, this new edition is the definitive monograph of Horenstein’s beloved honky tonk photographs.


Janelle Lynch: Los Jardines de México >>
$53.00 | PRC Members $45.00

The photographs in Los Jardines de México explore themes related to the life cycle and representations thereof in the urban and rural landscape. Made between 2002-2007, and comprised of four series – three from Mexico City and one from Chiapas – each project investigates, if not embraces, a specific facet of existence: loss, death, regeneration, and life.


Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari: State of Ata >>
$45.00 | PRC Members $38.00

The State of Ata adresses the social themes that define contemporary Turkey. Specifically examining the imagery of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the country’s revolutionary leader after WorldWar I, the volume interweaves photographs, interviews, artists’ interventions and archival imagery. The result is a complex visual exploration of the uses of Atatürk’s imagery and the way in which it functions in contemporary Turkish society as a perceived link to Western culture, and as a symbol in opposition to the rise of the Islamist political movement.



Costantine Manos: A Greek Portfolio
$53.00 | PRC Members $45.00

First published in 1972 and much sought after when it went out-of-print, A Greek Portfolio is Magnum photographer Constantine Manos's classic black and white account of the Greek people and countryside. An exceptional reprint.


Costantine Manos: American Color (out of print)
$127.00 | PRC Members $108.00

Constantine Manos' photographs are a fascinating confluence of disparate elements that combine into unique and complex images. Manos presents a kaleidoscopic cross-section of human interaction. In the traditions of Winogrand and Friedlander, these images reveal the disjointedness and absurdity often found in American culture, transforming the real into the surreal.


Costantine Manos: American Color 2
$74.00 | PRC Members $63.00

In this brilliant new work, Magnum photographer Constantine Manos continues his exploration of the dynamic intersection between subject and time, the real and the surreal in American towns. From Santa Monica to New York City, Manos has captured the varied spectrum of contemporary life in all its offbeat and charming strangeness.


Rania Matar: Ordinary Lives >>

Lebanon is a country built on dichotomies. It is a blend of cultures, poised at the intersection between the Western and Arab worlds. Born in Beirut and living in the West, photographer Rania Matar is especially attuned to those dichotomies. Here she honors the lives of the women and children of Lebanon in evocative black-and-white photographs. They convey the many facets of life, acknowledging the undeniable presence of war and tragedy, yet celebrating the strength, dignity, and humanity of lives lived amid the rubble, in refugee camps, or behind the veil. These images are universal reminders of the tender bond between a mother and child, the cheerful camaraderie of friends, and the resilience of the human spirit.


Monika Merva: The City of Children (signed) >>
$48.00 | PRC Members $40.00

The City of Children community has its distinguishing characteristics, but if you dig deeper, you will find that there exists an extraordinarily direct – one might even say mysterious – connection between these surface traits and the universal truths that lie just beneath, truths about the human nature and condition we all share.


Platon: Power
$37.00 | PRC Members $32.00

Power brings readers face to face with the major world leaders of today. In this one-of-a-kind collection, World Press Photographer of the Year turns his lens on 150 current international leaders from across the political spectrum to create a profound portrait of global power. Shot within a twelve-month period at the United Nations, and captured with unique candor and insight, these photographs offer an intimate glimpse of the personalities behind the public faces of the world's most powerful decision-makers.

book_global health  

PRC exhibition catalogue: Global Health in Focus >>
$8.00 | PRC Members $7.00

Featuring an introduction by Glenn Ruga, Executive Director of the Photographic Resource Center; all photographic images from the Global Health in Focus exhibition, including descriptive text about the artists' commitment to the topic; and an essay by Stephanie Friedhoff, Special Projects Manager at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.


Joseph Rodriquez: Still Here >>
$37.00 | PRC Members $32.00

Still Here documents the ongoing expressions of hope, perseverance, and suffering in the still-devastated communities of New Orleans and Texas. Rodríguez spent two years photographing and interviewing families and individuals who shared their daily struggles to rebuild their lives. 


Lynn Saville: Night Shift
$48.00 | PRC Members $40.00

Lynn Saville photographs New York during the time of transition from daylight to night, the fleeting moments when natural light gives way to streetlight, moonlight, window light, and advertisement and surveillance lighting. Saville has sought out places that seem questionable—deserted factories, back alleys, the shadowy infrastructure of urban highways and bridges that suggest the city’s exoskeleton.


Harvey Stein: Coney Island 40 Years
$53.00 | PRC Members $45.00

Since 1970, when world-renowned photographer Harvey Stein first turned his discerning eye toward Coney Island, his love affair with this New York beachfront amusement park began to grow. Entering Coney Island through his lens is like stepping into another culture, capturing the lives and times of those who work and play there. It is a fantasyland of the past with an irrepressible optimism about its future.


Willard Traub: Recovery

Recovery is a photographic meditation on affliction and rehabilitation battling a rare form of blood cancer by Willard Traub. The images, combined with personal prose and poetry, provide an intimate and hopeful commentary on a disease that signifies much larger life issues.


Catherine Wagner: Cross Sections
$60.00 | PRC Members $51.00

For the past twenty years, Wagner has been exploring the concepts of structure and order in an ongoing narrative that at times has addressed architecture, educational paradigms, and domestic arrangements. Cross Sections continues this exploration by moving towards the core of 'life': cellular replication. Historically, science and art have generally been collaborative arenas of endeavor; in the field of photography they are inextricably linked. These images, created over the past three years, were made using medical imaging devices.


Catherine Wagner: Home and Other Stories
$75.00 | PRC Members $64.00

In the photographs in Home and Other Stories, Catherine Wagner takes these precepts as her starting point. Each three-part work shows various aspects of one American home: rooms or potions of rooms and objects in ensembles that are carefully arranged for visitors or carelessly disposed in privacy.


Lori Waselchuk: Grace Before Dying (signed) >>
$42.00 | PRC Members $36.00

Lori Waselchuk's work documents the new hospice program run by inmate volunteers at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, a first-of-its kind service meant to comfort inmates who are elderly or fatally ill. Waselchuk's photographs explore how, through hospice, inmates assert and affirm their humanity in an environment designed to isolate and punish.