FEBRUARY 2008 FEATURED ARTIST || Clint Baclawski

Clint Baclawski is a graduating MFA student in photography at the Massachusetts College of Art + Design. Prior to coming to MassArt, Baclawski attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA for Post-Baccalaureate photographic studies and Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY for Professional Photographic Illustration (Advertising). An avid educator, he is a past instructor and teaching assistant at MassArt and the Maine Photographic Workshops. Shown in exhibitions throughout the northeast, Baclawski was featured most recently in the regional juried graduate show, Boston Young Contemporaries , at BU's 808 Gallery and selected by the jen bekman gallery as one of the spring 2007 artists in “Hey, Hot Shot!”

Featured online are selections from Baclawski's latest series, several of which will comprise his thesis show at MassArt this spring, (April 29 – May 9, with an opening reception Thursday, May 1st). Baclawski investigates American consumer culture by way of where products and people congregate—­from trade shows to parades. Presented as free standing lightboxes, the works both remake and remark upon commercial and public presentation.

  - Leslie K. Brown, PRC Curator

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Artist Statement

It's easy to traverse through a crowd; the more people congregate, the more irrelevant your individuality becomes.  Innate fears of an accidental human touch dissipate among these situations that otherwise can stop you in your tracks, and you begin to act, feel, and respond to one another as a pack.   

In my photographs, I focus on this sociological shift around spectacles, in varying stages and environments, from a barren landscape to city streets crowded with people. Parades, county fairs, trade shows, and season-specific events are of interest in a culture permeated by large-scale color imagery, consumerism, and forward momentum. Each event is transitory, challenging me to capture a single image before that scene is forever altered. 

Presented as freestanding sculptural light-boxes, each installation is distinctive from another and comments on commercial and public presentations. Viewing the images you are confronted face-to-face on the opposing side with other observers.  What is normally a passive state when viewing photographs, now transforms into active participation. These installations are dispersed around the gallery floors, not as advertisement on the walls, but as a clear remark on their physicality as sculptural objects to be revered by the fast-paced onlooker in our image-filled world.  

- Clint Baclawski, 2008


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installation views -
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