Links (incomplete list of some art, science, research, technology, culture sites)


Nature and Inquiry, Boston based collaborative group exploring the interrelationships of art and science


Gail Wight, web projects


Wenyon & Gamble, Index, web project


Boston Cyberart Festival


Felice Frankel, ENVISIONING PHYSICS a commisioned traveling exhibition of photographs by MIT Artist in Residence FELICE FRANKEL


DoWhile Studio, Boston based studio for artists to consider the social ramifications of technological expansion, and to prepare for their roles as the creators rather than the consumers of new media


Zoe Beloff, Beyond explores the paradoxes of technology, desire and the paranormal posed since the birth of mechanical reproduction.


Life Music: The Sonification of Proteins, John Dunn (Artist John Dunn and biologist Mary Anne Clark have collaborated on the sonification of protein data to produce the audio CD, "Life Music.")


Stelarc: This is STELARC's principal site, authorised by the artist. STELARC is an Australian-based performance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology through human/machine interfaces incorporating the Internet and Web, sound, music, video and computers.


Bodies INcorporated, Victoria Vesna, Bodies INCorporated, is a public space on the web (VRML/Java) that occasionally emerges in the physical realm. Initially, the participant is invited to construct a virtual body out of predefined body-parts, textures, and sounds, and gain membership to the larger body-owner community.


Life Spacies, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Migonneau, "Life Spacies" is an interaction and communication space, where remotely located visitors can interact with each other through evolutionary forms and images.


TELEFONICA FOUNDATION ART AND TECHNOLOGY, presents the Historical-Technological Collection of the Telefonica Foundation, which traces the evolution of telecommunications from its origins until the late 60s. Also includes exhibitions of works by artists which are created with modern and information technologies.


Lev Manovich, artist and theorist of new media


NASA image exchange, a web-based search engine for simultaneously searching one or more of NASA's online image and photo collections


Astronomy Picture of the Day


Shock of the view, a six-month curated series of online exhibitions, from Steve Dietz at the Walker


[techne]W3LAB, an online node of projects for the web


Rhizome, the site for all things digital art


ASCI, organization intending to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaborations between these fields.


Sensorium, web project "to expand the potential of the Internet as a circuit for sensing the living world."


Intelligent Agent, about the latest in new media


Digital Documentary: The Need to Know and the Urge to Show, documentary and the net, curated by Steve Dietz


Simon Biggs, net artist and theorist


Poste & Riposte, The Atlantic Monthly's interactive conference area on the Web: articles that appear in Atlantic Unbound and in the print magazine


U-Turn, e-zine


Popular Science, web site for the magazine


Earth cam, web cam network


Nanotechnology links, from the Înstitute for Molecular Manufacturing


Weather Satellites, compendium of live weather images from satellites


Visible Human Project, creating complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the male and female human body. A project of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.


Human cloning, Scientific American article


Human Genome project, info about


Science News Online: The Weekly newsmagazine of science

art n labratory, collaborative artists working with new technologies