Gallery work

Jordan Crandall, Drive-Image-Module, 1998
DVD, Sony DVD player with Glasstron video headset and aluminum shelf
Courtesy Sandra Gering Gallery, New York


Susan Derges, Hermetica, 1993
Videotape, 1 minute
Courtesy James Danziger Gallery, New York


Laura Emrick, Proposal for a Museum of Mars, 1999
Plexiglass, rocks, ultrasuede, images, 54” x 52” x 32”
Notes on Popular Science, 1997-98
3 minute film on CDROM
Courtesy the artist


Joan Fontcuberta, Sputnik
mixed media composed of 14 parts
courtesy of artist

1. English Version of the Introduction text,
59.5 x 40 centimeters
2. Photograph signed by Leonov, Nikolayev, Istochnikov, Rozhdestvensky, Beregovoi, and Shalatov, 1967
Selenium toned and tinted gelatin silver print, 18.5 x 25 centimeters
3. Same image as above, manipulated as it appeared in Boris Romanenko’s book Towards the Stars.
Gelatin Silver print, 18.5 x 25 centimeters
4. Ivan Istochnikov’s official portrait
Cibachrome on plexi, 100 x 70 centimeters
5. Ivan Istochnikov as a child
Sulphide toned gelatin silver print, 10.4 x 16.8 centimeters
6. Ivan in the military academy
Sulphide toned gelatin silver print, 28.2 x 17 centimeters
7. Children claiming cosmonaut Istochnikov in 188 school, Leningrad
Selenium toned gelatin silver print, 19 x 28.7 centimeters
8. Training in the command module
Cibachrome print, 21.3 x 29.7 centimeters
9. Take-off dramatic view
Seleniuem toned gelatin silver print, 28.5 x 22.5 centimeters
10. The Souyuz 2 flying through the stratosphere
Cibachrome on plexi, 96 x 69 centimeters
11. Ivan and Kloka in their historic eva activity
Cibachrome on plexi, 85 70 centimeters
12. Hexar asteroid orographic studies
Cibachrome, 29.7 x 23 centimeters
13. Vodka bottle with SOS message
14. Sputnick book

Ken Goldberg with Karl Bohringer, The Invisible Cantilever, 1995
Gelatin Silver Print, 5 x7 inches
Courtesy Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco



Blainey Kern, Maintenance Control
10 minute video
Courtesy the artist


David Nyzio, Ansel Adams Bacteria Piece, 1995
Algae on Paper, 49 x 96 inches
Courtesy Postmasters Gallery, New York


Gary Schneider, Intestinal Flora I, II, III, 1999
3 Toned Gelatin Silver Prints, 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Courtesy Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston


Sterck & Rozo, Of Time and Space, 1997
Installation with C-print and graphs, 92 x 176 inches
Courtesy Frederieke Taylor I TZ'Art, New York City


Todd Watts, Pea Field–You Just Have to Decide About the Color and Alignment: Mars, Venus, Pluto, Earth, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, . 1994
9 Gelatin Silver Monoprints with Dye Transfer, 29 x 29 inches each
Courtesy Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston


Wenyon & Gamble, View from Inside the Incoherent Scatter Radar, Millstone Hill, 1999
Color inkjet print, 18 x 78 inches
Courtesy MIT List Gallery, Cambridge


Wenyon & Gamble, Elements of a Global Array, 2000
Photographic collage, 15 x 23 x 2 inches
Courtesy the artists