Steve Golding<br/>Slave Family, 2011<br/>"This image depicts a slave family being negotiated for in 1854. The father sits separated from his wife and children framed by an arm creating a church like shape. The arm appears like a lightning bolt sealing his fate and setting the trajectory of his family for years to come." Randi Freundlich<br/>Mom and Baby at the Shelter, 2008<br/>"This image is from a documentary project I did at a shelter for women and their children. I spent time there getting to know the families and learning about their lives during the summer of 2008. The families were models of resilience, courage and hope in the face of very challenging life situations."<br/> Sandra Chen Weinstein<br/>Couple, 2011<br/>"A couple spending the afternoon in the neighborhood of Stratford, East London." Dick Simon<br/>Forgiveness, Hebron, 2011<br/> Elizabeth Pell<br/>KKK Rally, 1985<br/>"Grand Dragon & Wife Give an Interview." Jack LaForte<br/>Love in Black and White<br/>"Love sees no color." Kelsy Waggaman<br/>Frontier II, 2012<br/><br/> Barbara Trachtenberg<br/>Jewish Cape Verdean Seder, 2013 Jason Shechtman<br/>People Under The Stairs, 2013<br/>"People Under The Stairs is the independent Hip Hop duo of Michael Turner and Chris Portugal.  Their music embodies fun, originality, and non-exclusivity. Their respective African-American and Peruvian-American heritages are noteworthy in consideration of ending the polarization of races in their hometown Los Angeles, the Hip Hop community and beyond." Audrey Gottlieb<br/>Smiling Man stands up in black & white t-shirt, 1994<br/>"Independence Day celebration on the waterfront, Long Island City, NY." Sandra Chen Weinstein<br/>Fourth of July, 2012<br/>Friends celebrating the Fourth of July at the Strand beach front in Southern California. Robin Radin<br/>The Lunch Counter, 1992<br/>"Hailer's Pharmacy" Leonard Hellerman<br/>Kiss On Fifth Avenue, 2005 Glenn Ruga<br/>Macedonia, 1999<br/>Kosovar refugees in NATO run refugee camp in Macedonia. They were forced from their home in early 1999 by Serb forces in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Zoe Perry-Wood<br/>Tyler & Jazzul BAGLY Prom, 2012<br/>The yearly BAGLY Prom fills the hole left when these youth are not allowed to attend, or don’t feel a sense of belonging at, the traditional youth proms in their own high schools. I make these portraits with the hope that one day such an event may not be necessary. Wayne Chinnock<br/>Cite Soleil Soccer Camp Preparations, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2013<br/>Almost two hundred children from Haiti's largest slum receive free soccer gear and coaching from the Centre de Formation Sportive Fondation. Zach Hoffman<br/>Do You Realize, 2009<br/>The Flaming Lips, a rock band known for promoting peace and love, holds a moment of silence agaisnt racism. Sandra Chen Weinstein<br/>Jamming, 2010<br/>An old couple enjoys music together at the JazzFest, New Orleans.
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